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Faraday Brightens my Day (and Yours, Too) - zestycrustacean
Faraday Brightens my Day (and Yours, Too)
     Today was interesting.  I learned about Faraday's Law, third of Maxwell's four equations.  Another tiny piece of infinity mapped out in my head; always reason for joy.  After watching a tribute to Carl Sagan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47EBLD-ISyc), I remembered how much I liked the music from Cosmos (his television series from the Eighties; everyone should see it).  I've always wondered about the title piece, and after a little digging I found it was from Vangelis's "Heaven and Hell."  At RPI we have a free music service called Ruckus which has almost anything you care to look for, from Chinese folk songs to the latest rock hits to the best of the classics, and I went looking.  I found it before too long, so I am listening to the theme from Cosmos as I type this.  It still has the power to sends chills down my spine (if you're wondering, it starts about 13 minutes into Part I of Heaven and Hell).  
     On another note,  Applegeeks has come out with a new issue, so I'm now free of my withdrawl symptoms (much easier to type without the shakes).  It is fun, and as always, the art is beautiful and vivid.  No Eve (see pic below) in this one, but it makes up for it with a great last line.  I'm wondering where Ananth and Hawk are going to take the storyline from this point on, but I've learned to trust them with that sort of thing by now and just look forward to the ride.  
     Next week is spring break; going to spend some time with my family and friends from home, then come back here and learn some more.  I have to say that even with the chronic worries about money, the workload, and the stress, my time at RPI has been the best experience of my life so far.  I have never before met as many interesting, unique, and brilliant people as I have since coming here; I have never learned so much so quickly, never grown as a person to the degree I have in the past six months.  Quite simply put, it is as close to a perfect existence as someone like me can come.  There wil be hard times ahead, harder than I can probably even imagine right now, but I will face them to the best of my ability, and, with some luck, overcome them.


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