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I'm Baaaack - zestycrustacean
I'm Baaaack
Well, would you look at that; I haven't posted in more than a year! I just finished my finals today and decided to take a look at ye olde livejournal. I kind of expected that I'd find my old posts to be silly and/or immature but they aren't nearly as bad as my paranoia predicted. Some things have certainly changed, though. Now that I've taken Theoretical Physics, Intro Optics, Experimental Physics, and a slew of other science and philosophy courses my previous joy at learning something like Maxwell's equations seems almost quaint; they've become almost old-hat. I still understand what I felt though, and indeed I still feel that little happiness; that tinge of warmth inside, when I learn something new and incredible.

I can't really say Applegeeks is my favorite webcomic anymore. It isn't that I really like it any less so much as that I've discovered so many other wonderful ones. My friends finally managed to hook my on XKCD, and I discovered other gems like Kate Beaton's site (http://katebeaton.com/Site/Welcome.html) and Ironborn (http://www.ironborn.com/blog/index.php). So far I've been most impressed by Dresded Codak (http://www.ironborn.com/blog/index.php), due both to it's incredible art and the fascinating storyline.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more over the summer, as there are a lot of things I'd like to talk about, especially if the LHC starts producing results (jumps up and down like giddy schoolgirl...er...excited scientist; same thing really). Until then, I suppose.
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