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Ampere' s Law and Applegeeks - zestycrustacean
Ampere' s Law and Applegeeks
     Hooray!  Now I know another of Maxwell's Equations:  Ampere's Law.  I already knew about Gauss's Law, but I am glad that it now has some company in the drafty recesses of my physics-obsessed brain.  I hope I get to learn the other two soon.  Ampere's Law relates magnetic field to the current using a closed loop integral, just as Gauss's Law relates the electric field to the charge enclosed by a closed surface.  Maxwell's Equations are the four equations (including Gauss's and Ampere's Laws) that describe electromagnetism.  Together they take up less than one of the lines of a sheet of notebook paper, yet can completely describe all electromagnetic phenomena in the Universe!  This is the sort of stuff that made me want to become a physicist.  The world is just so full of incredible, awe-inspiring truths.  They surround us; we swim in a sea of wonders and yet so few of us ever stop to contemplate the commonplace miracles that are everywhere you look.
     On a sadder note, I am currently suffering from severe Applegeeks withdrawl (http://www.applegeeks.com/index.php), since the authors of my favorite webcomic have been too busy to get up a new issue since last week.  I'll probably get to talking about Eve (one of my favorite fictional characters and a major player in the AG storyline) in some other entry, if not more than one.  I just hope the next issue will be really great to make up for the wait.  Considering how things have been going lately in the story, I don't think I'll be dissapointed.

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